June 16, 2023
When it comes time to find a gift for any occasion. remember that if you care for someone, a gift is way of sending a message of how much you care.  Often it’s hard to find the perfect gift so some  thought and time should be invested in picking something that will be remembered.  At, we draw on our own experiences to help with gift selection.  Flowers and candy are nice and appropriate at times, but they are fairly generic, easy to procure and don’t require much thought.  Believe me, the person receiving them also knows that it takes 10 minutes to order and send them so the message is “i received a last minute selection”. Flowers and candy are one step above a gift card and the recipient, although grateful may not feel excited.
     To impress someone you have to think how the recipient of the gift will remember both the gift and the giver. To do this, the gift does not always have to be big or expensive.  Some tips to consider are:
1)  a gift should be unique. It should be something that is not seen in every store or catalog.
2)  a gift should be tailored to send a personal message.  Obviously, the more you know about the recipient, the more personal it can be.   So try to get to know the taste and likes of the person you are trying to impress.
3)  a gift should show class, style or humor, depending on the underlying message you hope to deliver.
Overall you want to show that some thought and originality went into the process of selecting the gift.
     So let’s get started. As I have traveled over the years, I have seen and purchased many items from places ranging from a second hand stores, antique malls, art and crafts fairs. online charitable auctions to art galleries..  A wide variety of prices could be seen but keep in mind that price alone does not define the value of a gift..What I find is that the ideal gift is one that you would like to receive yourself. A personal touch can be added id you are familiar with the interests of the recipient.
     An easy way to select a gift is to relate it to the recipients job, hobbies, personal avocations or to their pets,  For example, a unique gift can be related to ones profession.  A lawyer might like a scale of justice symbol or statue. or bookends.  A doctor might like a statue of a physician.apair of caduceus bookends or a cardholder. One humorous gift I saw was a cup with a message “Please don’t confuse your google search with my medical degree”.  An office manager may like a plaque that sat “Why make the same mistakes when you can make new ones”.
     Other unique gifts may be related to sports or hobbies.  These could include golf, tennis, fishing and many others. One sure fire gift idea can be related to the recipients pets.  Everyone loves their pets and will like a gift that says you care about their pets also.  My wife had a Yorkshire terrier that constantly greeted me by squatting and peeing on my shoe whenever she saw me.  I knew enough not to complain and we are still married. A statue or figurine of their pet is a wonderful thought.  I have seen picture frames that are molded with the images of pets (mostly  dogs and cats). This is an attractive item if you include a picture of the beloved pet in it.  (please remember not to put a picture of yourself in the frame initially.  You have to earn that position).
     In conclusion, if you put a little work into the selection process. your gift will be remembered and appreciated.